Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Israel-based Water-Gen announces its India entry with innovative air-to-water technology solutions

Israel-based Water-Gen announces its India entry with innovative air-to-water technology solutions

·         Invited by the Government of Gujarat as keynote speaker in the Innovation Symposium at Vibrant Gujarat  2015 
·         To address the Indian market with three innovative water supply solutions
·         Looking to partner with an Indian company and set up a R&D centre with the purpose of developing suitable products for India, based on Water-Gen technology
·         To associate with Indian partners to drive manufacturing in India; possibilities to export to Africa, South Asia and other countries

India, January 14, 2015: Water-Gen, the pioneer in air-to-water technology and a leader in water purification across the globe, announced its entry into the Indian market with the showcase of three solutions - Atmospheric water generations; “Spring” Portable Battery Operated Water Purification System and Water Treatment of air conditioner run off waste. These solutions will be showcased in Vibrant Gujarat and Water-Gen aims to partner with leading domestic player/s to manage manufacture, sales, marketing and distribution of these products and plans to set up a R&D centre in the country. This will provide great impetus to the domestic manufacturing and propagate Prime Minister’s vision of Make in India.

The Indian market has a huge potential for Water-Gen's solutions. India has been going through a rapid process of urbanization. A quarter of the population i.e. approximately 300 million lives in urban areas. However, currently no city in India provides continuous water supply to all its citizens; not even a half of the urban poor have access to household connections. In most of cities, the duration of water supply ranges between 1 and 6 hours daily. Water shortage in India is an ongoing crisis with no adequate solution in the foreseeable future. With the nation holding 17.5% of the world’s population, it only contains 4% of the world’s fresh water resources, and that too declining gradually.

“We are entering India with solutions that reduces the dependence on water bodies for production of clean and safe drinking water. We are looking forward to explore India; partner with domestic player/s and provide the nation with

healthy drinking water ushering in a revolutionary water-from-air technology to the Indian market at households and across enterprises,” said Arye Kohavi, Founder, President and Co-CEO, Water-Gen.

According to World Bank estimation, 21% of communicable diseases in India are related to unsafe water, causing 1600 deaths daily and millions use water sources with excess fluoride and arsenic in their groundwater.  Arye added, “We believe we can now eradicate water-borne diseases by providing pure drinking water at Rs.1.8/litre.  We would like to work closely with government, public and private institutes and reach out to the masses with a technology that provides a 24X7 healthy and cost-effective water supply.”

Water-Gen in Vibrant Gujarat: Water-Gen has been invited by Government of Gujarat (Department of Science) to be a keynote speaker in the Innovation Symposium at Vibrant Gujarat 2015. The company will be showcasing its technology and innovations at the Israel Country Pavilion during the event at Booth # C-9, Hall #10.

Mr. Arye Kohavi, Founder, President and Co-CEO, Water-Gen will be a part of a panel on “Fostering an Innovation Ecosystem” on January 12, 2015 – 12 pm at Mahatma Mandir, He will also be addressing a session on January 13, 2015-10 am at Gujarat National Law University on “Innovation in Education-Water – Life Sciences -Next Generation Materials” and focus on the need of Generating Innovation @ Drinking Water & Air Dehumidification

About Water-Gen
Water-Gen has begun its operation in 2009, in the defense market, designing state-of-the-art solutions for supplying water. Among these are atmospheric water generation (drinking water-from-air), treatment of air conditioning run-off water, and battery-operated mobile water purification units. The products are designed as ground, vehicle-mounted, and back-carried installations. The company has been selling its products to customers such as the US Army, UK Army, French Army, Israel Defense Force, and others.

Atmospheric water generation can also be regarded as air dehumidification. Common home appliances in this field include air dehumidifiers, laundry dryers, air conditioners, equipment for dry storage, etc. In these areas, Water-Gen technologies can decrease energy consumption significantly by using inexpensive materials (mostly simple plastic), small size, and highly efficient methods and components.