Thursday, January 22, 2015

Whatsapp comes to your browser, frees you of small keyboards

Whatsapp, the popular messaging app owned by Facebook released a web version of its messenger
today. Relying purely on authenticated secure channels, the latest release allows you not only to send receive text but also other forms of media that Whatsapp natively supported. What's more interesting is that this feature fully mirrors the Whatsapp that is installed on the phone but does not give the basic capacity to select and forward messages yet. This functionality has been made live only for the Blackberry, Android and Windows versions as yet. According to the development teams, there are certain limitations with iOS that prevent making this feature immediately.
This release from Whatsapp comes close on the news that was released yesterday where another popular Whatsapp clone, Whatsapp+ was given a cease and desist order requiring them to not only shutdown the Google+ community but also bring down all links that were used to share Whatsapp+. All users who used any kind of third party Whatsapp clients were served a 24 hour ban and asked to return back to the native Whatsapp application. It must be observed that these applications were fairly feature rich and offered lesser limitations in comparison to Whatsapp. It must be seen that if the user feedback had been heeded to ahead in time, such a situation would never have risen in the first place.

What is expected from Whatsapp now?

  • While the move to ban applications is definitely not in best of the tastes, it may be considered that this move may have been to get more people towards the web interface of Whatsapp.
  • Whatsapp currently limits the file size of any media that one feels the need to share to 16 MB. With the fast expanding media industry, several times, this feels restrictive. While I do understand that this may have been done keeping in mind that 80% of the users use Whatsapp on a paid Data plan, the remaiing 20% who use on Wifi should not be left out. For this, Whatsapp could probably introduce a feature where the user could set a file size limit for himself, the default being 16 MB.
  • Whatsapp currently restricts the number of files that can be selected and shared from the gallery to 10. If this limitation could be done away with, it would make Whatsapp a lot more free of tangles.
  • Whatsapp could bring in some theme support into the picture there by making it a lot more customizable.

Meanwhile, for those of you who have not yet got the web option on your Whatsapp, you can download the APK. The signature matches the existing application so you can safely install it to update your existing version of Whatsapp. Installing this version will not devoid you of any future updates from Play Store. You will continue getting them as before.

Dwonload the latest APK from here-> WhatsApp 2.11.500.
You can access Whatsapp on the web at