Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lollipop Adoption finally reaches 1.6%; Still way below in comparison to KitKat

Google today released the latest Android Version Distribution statistics. For the first time since Lollipop has been released, it has crossed 1 % adoption and now figures at 1.6%. Commanding respect for their stability, Jelly Bean, inclusive of all its sub versions commands an implementation percentage of over 43% followed by a close second Kit Kat at 39%.

Android Lollipop needs to fight its way up beating ICS and Gingerbread before it takes on heavyweights like Kit Kat and Jelly Bean. Hoping Jelly Bean does not force Lollipop to "has been" or that it does not die the death that Honeycomb succumbed to.

Although Lollipop came with a complete visual overhaul and a new runtime, ART, it was released with a lot of bugs and issues with the bug trackers overflowing everyday till today. Let's hope Google fixes them before it thinks of anything as dynamic as this again!

Source: Google Developer Blog