Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lumia 638- Review

The last in the Lumia 638 series, I bring to you the final review of the device. I have been using the Lumia 638 with a 4G sim since about a month, and not once did I miss my lumia 1020. Well obviously the Camera abilities are extremes but, I could manage well.

To start off, it is one of the cheapest 4G phones available in the market right now. for a price tag of 8499, I cannot think of any other hone that offers you 4G connectivity.

The specs stand at:
  •  1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Quad Core Processor
  • - 1GB RAM
  • - 4.5 Inch FWVGA IPS LCD Touch Screen Display
  • - Micro SIM
  • - 5 MP Rear Camera
  • - 4G
  • - Wi-Fi
  • - Bluetooth 4.0
  • - FM Radio
  • - 1830 MAh Battery

Only bummer that I feel is there is no external flash, nor does it have a front camera. I mean if you have a 4G enabled device, you would want to use Skype and other such services over such high speed networks. 

You must have seen the 4G speed tests and the unboxing that I did a couple of weeks back, post that this has been my saviour while I sit in cafe's to work and send out mails. The tethering speeds are really good and I would get a consistent 15-20Mbps depending on network coverage. 

It runs on Windows 8.1, the latest update and I am guessing it should get windows 10, the latest upgrade that Microsoft teased its fans with recently. I found it hard to use the on screen buttons, otherwise it was a great device to use. The display was crisp and clear, due to its IPS LCD screen. 

The battery lasted a good 16 hours on 4G usage, Minimal calls and app usage. That is good I guess if you need a device to surf the internet or use as a tethering device. You could get a USB dongle instead, but this allows you to do a lot more. 

As a windows phone device, most of the popular apps have crossed over to this platform and you don't really feel the need for an android device. 

In all the device is an excellent one if you are looking to go for a 4G enabled handset, and with that price band, you wouldn't complain.