Sunday, February 1, 2015

One Plus One users rejoice, Cyanogenmod based CM12S in final QA for Global Devices

Global users of One Plus One (other than Indian users :( ) finally have a strong reason to rejoice. Cyanogen Inc today tweeted that Lollipop (based on Android 5.0.2) for Global One Plus One users, officially called the 12S has been released for QA (Quality Assurance) and testing in order to retain the official GMS privileges. Point to be noted here is that this is an OEM ROM and not the run of the mill nightly that could be released without too many hassles like these.

Users in India may however not get the update due to the much discussed dispute between Cyanogen Inc and One Plus due to the new partnership terms with Micromax. One Plus had however, promised the users in India and globally about bringing Lollipop to them. The official branding and names were released yesterday and would be known as Oxygen. This however, does not stop rooted users from going ahead and flashing CM12S instead. The end choice is left to them. Indian devices bought prior to the dispute from One Plus would still continue to get CM12S officially.

We now have to wait and see if Cyanogen Inc is able to fix the issues that so long plagued the devices or would it have to resort to multiple patches. In my opinion, as an OEM ROM, CM has a long road ahead!