Friday, February 6, 2015

Swype updated after a long Hiatus, brings material to the App

Swype today updated the Swype App after months of no activity. The updated app contains several bug fixes and new themes. The update also brings to the app the much delayed material UI and compatibility fixes with Lollipop as well as intuitive Emoji support. While I did not see my messenger app show a return key instead of a smiley, Swype claims to have included that feature. Do let me know if some of these minor changes are visible to you.

The complete Changelog of Version 1.8 released today.

  • Intuitive Emoji support in 8 Languages: English (+UK), FR, IT, DE, ES, KR, CN
  • 3 New FREE Themes: Material light, dark, & high-visibility (Bumblebee)
  • Floating keyboard: Move the keyboard anywhere
  • New languages: Vietnamese Telex, German CH, Italian CH, Burmese Zawgyi, Sinhala
  • Korean Initial Consonant Input added: enable in Settings
  • Added a return key to apps that supply a smiley by default
  • Performance improvements related to connected services
  • Many bug fixes (thanks for reporting!)
Swype can be downloaded for free as a 30 day trial or for $0.99 as a paid version.

 Bumble Bee Theme
 Material Dark
Material Light