Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Avaamo – A Corporate Instant Messaging App

We were privy to the launch of Avaamo a few days back. The app is a full-fledged business Instant Messaging app that provides not just Enterprise level integration and Enterprise features but also provides additional security for individual users.

A quick list of features have been listed below:

1. SIMPLE, INSTANT, SECURE: A delightfully simple interface. All messages are encrypted. One-to-one, Group Messaging. Guaranteed delivery with sub-second latency.

2. ONE APP TO REACH THEM ALL!: Avaamo is the first business-messaging app that lets you have secure conversations with your co-workers as well as customers, partners and vendors outside your company.

3. TEAM, WE GOT TO HIT THE DEADLINE!: Group messaging keeps your teams updated on deadlines, forecasts, and milestones. Create small private groups or company-wide groups, your choice!

4. SOUNDS GOOD:Voice memos allow you to avoid typing. One tap, easy, and crystal clear.

5. WHO HAS READ WHAT, AND WHEN?: Granular Visibility on who has read the message and when its been replied to. This information can be fed into the company's audit and compliance systems.

6. ARE YOU ON NOW?: Presence has been rethought for a “mobile first” world. It’s not just “last seen” or the stale “status” from two months ago. It’s real-time, it’s NOW!

7. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: Off-the-record mode lets you send messages with a self-destruct timer. Messages will be deleted off the server and devices as per your rules, leaving no trace.

8. UH-OH! IT’S ON MY LAPTOP: Deep link any document to your message from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, or iCloud.

9. GOTTA SAVE THAT!:  Save files from Avaamo into your favorite cloud storage service.

10. TAP SWIPE AND SHARE!: You can share notes, videos, links directly into Avaamo from any app!

11. SHALL WE MEET NEXT WEEK?: No more shuffling for Google maps. Send the directions for a business meeting with a single tap.

12. BE THERE IN 5!: This useful utility turns every meeting on your calendar into a group messaging option just in case you need to let people know you are running late.

13. BUSINESS EMOJIS: Our expanding library gives you a chance to indulge in your impulse with the dialect of our daily work interaction.

14. WHEN THE SIGNAL IS ONLY TWO BARS!: We got you covered! Avaamo’s Auto-send feature waits to detect a stronger signal and then automatically sends the message.

The app also offers a paid premium version that extends and provides more Enterprise level integration as well as facilities which include a dashboard and a control on the broadcast messages.

The app may be downloaded from here. The app is rated over 4 on both iOS and Android



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