Friday, May 15, 2015

Coolpad's Patented Frameless Smartphone to be available in India this year


Coolpad Group Limited, world’s leading smartphones manufacturer and integrated wireless data solutions provider, today announced that its patented Frameless Smartphone will be available in India later this year. This new invention will redefine the user experience for consumers compared to other smartphones available in the market.

According to the patent literature, this patented technology can render the visual effect of a smartphone's screen to be completely frameless through a manufacturing process while delivering a seamless, edge-to-edge visual experience to the end users. Smartphones adopting this patent will possess a larger screen proportion than present narrow-frame smartphones launched by some smartphone manufacturers.

Varun Sharma, CEO, Coolpad India, said, “Users around the world have been asking for narrow frames and higher screen to surface ratios. Our engineers are taking it to the next level by building an entirely frameless design. India will be among the first markets in the world we will launch this innovation in.”

The touchscreen display area from the left and right sides of the border make the phone as one whole body enhancing the both visual experience and functionality. Coolpad’s frameless phones won’t require users to spend additional money on phone cases to protect the frame.
Coolpad Group globally is a holder of more than 6000 patents including dual sim, dual standby. In 2014- Ranked number 1 in the Chinese LTE market share with series of 4G patents. Coolpad has been first to market with many innovations including curved screen phone, dual rear camera and unibody inside phone and GSM / CDMA dual sim, dual standby.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Top 5 websites to buy Health products online in India

The modern times have seen a surge in health awareness. No longer people have lackadaisical

attitude or as we say in Hindi ‘Chalta hai’ attitude. People are more informed and aware about

the health problems, issues and ways to avoid or mitigate such issues. And, another modern

trend e-commerce helps in making better decisions in this field. The e-commerce is particularly

effective in sensitive issues which you can’t discuss with local health store vendors or feel

apprehensive about speaking in public. The online stores’ allows you to keep sensitive issues

under wrap while dealing with them. Here, are the best websites which can assist you in

improving your health.

1. Amazon:

Amazon is the World leader in the e-commerce sector. Due to its huge popularity, some

health brands use it as a platform to market the widest range of their products. The

greatest thing about Amazon is that the website had tons of information about the

products, which makes online shopping very easy and also assists you in making more

informed decisions. Along with the product description, it also has a section dedicated to

questions and answers about the products. The customer reviews are also helpful in making

best buy possible. Also, the customers can get great Amazon deals if they use discount

coupons available on websites such as

2. Purplle:

This Mumbai based health and beauty portal is three years old and in that time, it has

carved its own niche in the market. The website is divided into sections according to gender,

features and brands, which makes it very easy to navigate and find products. The offers

section and trending feature are one of the best aspects of the portal; via these features the

customers can unearth amazing deals which are relevant according to ever changing

sensibilities. It also has an e-mag section which has some interesting articles about health,

personal grooming and lifestyle.

3. Healthkart:

Healthkart has gained considerable following for being a premium stop for bodybuilding

supplements. It has good range of supplements which are divided according to the workout

needs and objectives. It also has products which fall in other health categories, but those

sections need expansion in comparison to supplements. The loyalty program in which you

get points for shopping has also aided in improving popularity. Currently, Coupnzguru is

offering up to 70 percent discount on selected products.

4. Healthgenie:

Healthgenie is a small player in the health e-commerce field. But, due to their innovative

marketing tactics and attractive deals, they are making their presence felt in the market.

Their customer support is excellent. Moreover, you get 3 percent off on certain products for

using customer support. There is also 50 percent discount available on health care devices


5. Diet kart:

Unlike its name, this health portal has products such as sports equipment, fitness

equipment, home and lifestyle products also available. What differentiates it from other

portals in this list is the combo section in the website. In this section, the products are

clubbed together by experts according to common objectives.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Secure your home with Silvan's Secure

Silvan Labs, a Bangalore based company who are leaders in home automation based on contemporary technologies such as cloud services and the Internet of Things, recently came up with their latest customer specific product called "Secure" 

We at Techophillia had the opportunity to talk to Mr Avinash, who is the CEO of Silvan and discuss more about IOT in the country along with their latest product offering. 

Secure, is  a new age wireless security system for making lives of people more safe, secure and comfortable. To understand it better, it is what we call converting your home into a Smart Home. What does it take to make your home into a Smart Home? "Just an internet connection and we'll do the rest", Says Avinash. 

With Secure, one can control or protect their house with the help of the internet and a mobile phone by sitting any where in the world. That is what we call as the Internet of things, because it connects you with any appliance in your house, through the internet.

With its sleek look, the device fits well into the living space. Each home connects over the Internet to Silvan’s Integrated Property Service Manager (IPSM). With the IPSM, the security and safety of each home is centrally monitored by a security agency. Home owners can opt for the agency to keep a close eye on their homes when they are busy or unavailable, thus getting the agency actively involved in the security of their homes.  

We at Silvan strive to give our customers the best products and services when it comes to home security.  Home Automation has evolved a lot with time and security being the major aspect cannot be ignored. The product is the result of extensive research and efforts put in by the team and we hope that this product offers our customer the best security solution that they are looking for.  

The SECURE system comes with an app that works on the Android and iOS platforms, to let you configure, manage and monitor the security of your homes from wherever you are. Security systems are typically difficult to install. However, with SECURE, installation is quick and easy, and could even be done by the home owner himself.  It connects with the sensors and the home broadband router wirelessly, thus removing the need for additional wiring.

What Mr Avinash also focuses on is the way the Indian Real Estate market is growing and also the growing interest in making homes secure enough by the consumers. Until a few years, the idea/ concept of smart homes was only limited to a few thousands, but today everyone is opting for it because it lets you control your house remotely. He adds that by 2016, about 60-70% of the homes in Bangalore will be fully automated with atleast one form of home automation. 

When someone talks about Home Automation, the first thought that pops into one's head is the cost. This is where Silvan stands out. They help you cut on the costs by giving customised automation systems. Something like a point to point solution. The costs with Secure can be as low as Rs 20,000 for turning any one space into an automated one. 

With a product called "Retrofit", which is part of the "Secure" segment, the installation takes less than 10 minutes and doesn't even need any chipping/Chiseling in your house. 

Secure would soon be available on leading E-Commerce portals and Home Decor websites to buy it off the shelves.

You can read more on Silvan here