Monday, July 6, 2015

Brother Printers – DCP-T500W – A Review

We received the Brother’s printer model number DCP-T500W a few days back and have been using it as a main device since then. First a little about the specs.

What’s in the Box?

  1. Power Cable
  2. USB Cable
  3. Manual and CD with Drivers
  4. Two sets of Inks, one each of CMY bottles and another with two Black Bottles.
  5. Printer
2015-07-01 16.44.49 2015-06-30 21.39.01


Ease of Setup: The device setup begins with the filling up of the ink tanks that replace the traditional cartridge method followed by most inkjet printers. Instead, it sports individual tanks for each of the colors, Cyan Magenta and Yellow along with a separate tank for Black ink. The tank mouth pieces angle such that the bottle with the ink needs to be tilted at 45 degrees in order to pour the ink into the tank. This angled process reduces the chances of ink spillage largely and also ensures that the entire ink is transferred into the tank. The device on being powered up performs a set of checks that lasts a whole round of 7 minutes. While this does seem to be long, it seems to be fair enough given that the inks have to be pulled from the tanks onto the printer head through a set of capillary tubes. It next begins the process if setting up the printer in terms of connecting to the Wi-Fi network if available. For this it provides with the option of Network setup Wizard, WPS/AOSS, WPS with Pin and WPA. Once the setup is complete, the device is ready for use with most devices, however; for optimal use, it is advised that the device be installed using the software that comes bundled with the printer.
Ease of Use: The device comes from a company that has long been known not 2015-06-30 21.50.26just for their Industrial Grade machines but also for copiers and other office stationery. This means that there is a lot that Brother has learnt and implemented from the heavy duty office stationery, especially copiers. This is evident from the fact that the device provides several options from the copier series like Copy Quality, Reduce/Enlarge and number of Copies. The device has a paper cassette that can hold at best 100 sheets at once. The device also has several nifty features like a built in stand to hold the upper half of the printer up in case of a paper jam.
Quality of Output: The device provides several options that affect the quality of end product. When used in copier mode, the device allows usage in Normal and Best quality. The front panel also provides the option to decide whether the copy needs to be done in Color or Black and White. When used in scanner mode, the device scans up to 1200 DPI at best and 100 DPI when a quick and immediate solution is needed. As a printer, the device provides multiple options that include one for minimal ink usage thereby providing maximum number of pages per refill to the photo mode that provides the best output when used with a good quality photo paper.
  1. Revolutional Tank based Ink Refilling system that allows lower TCO.
  2. Faster print throughput in comparison to competition.
  3. Ease of setup when done through the software on a PC.
  4. Concealed ports makes for cleaner device body. The only visible port throughout is the power cord port.
  1. Single line LCD screen makes for difficult set up when done from the device itself.
  2. In comparison to competition, the device appears to be bulky.


Ease of Setup: ***
Ease of Use: ****
Quality of Output:
  • Copier: ***
  • Printer: *** 1/2
  • Scanner: ****
Overall: ****
    Excellent: *****
    Very Good: ****
    Good: ***
    Average: **
    Poor: *