Thursday, July 2, 2015

Interview with Sushma Rajagopalan, MD and CEO, ITC Infotech

Sushma RajagopalanSushma Rajagopalan is not a new name in the IT Industry. Said to be the only second woman to be a part of the senior leadership in ITC, Sushma, coming from Manjeri near Calicut in Kerala, has scaled heights not for being a woman, but, being a visionary par excellence. Being the driving force behind pushing ITC Infotech towards being a technology leader, she is known to get her way done without much ado. We had a chance to meet her and discuss with her about the thought and idea behind holding the first ever hackathon supporting IOT this Saturday, the 4th of July, 2015.
Sushma said that she aimed for iTech to help her create long time partners who would help in the success of implementation of IOT in the real world. She felt that not only is the buyer changing indicating a paradigm shift about who’s buying but also a shift in what is being bought, how it is being bought. She felt that buying was more in terms of subscription model and/or SAAS. The reason this was being done was so that they could continue to be more competitive. With this, ITC Infotech wants to be ahead of the curve and be seen as the thought leaders.
We asked Sushma why she would prefer IOT to the other technologies. She was very clear with what she wanted. She said that the use cases for IOT are still emerging. She said that she was fighting the cause to not only be Future Ready but also in the process build a sustainable ecosystem; Sushma plans to hold iTech Hackathon annually every year to in the process nurture good startups that would have otherwise not been able to cut a mark. We are told that it was not just about IOT but about building something that was relevant to the future. ITC Infotech is the first ever services company that is having such an event at such a large scale.
iTech has already seen over 700 registrations including some big names like IIT Madras, Accenture Labs etc. Filtering them using a strict criteria, they have shortlisted 30 participants to take part in the event. We asked her if she was doing this to get ready made solutions from a crowd sourced market and thereby reducing the costs on the R&D. She replied in the negative emphasizing that it was rather to increase the reach of R&D that would have otherwise been impossible for these startups to get their hands on to. This way, she aims to create a win-win situation and also take advantage of the opportunity in the market.
We wish Sushma and her dedicated team a great success in hosting the first ever IOT hackathon, iTech-2015. You can know more about iTech at Sushma regularly interacts with people on Twitter. Follow her at
Sushma’s Image credit – her Twitter Bio.
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