Thursday, July 2, 2015

OnePlus - A New Way to Experience (Alternate) Reality

OnePlus.netOnePlus Cardboard : A New Way to Experience (Alternate) Reality
OnePlus who are all about unsettling the status quo and looking at ways to enthral all with the tremendous leaps in technology that happen, this time they plan to put you on the path to VR (virtual reality) nirvana.
Last week, Carl spoke to all on virtual reality holding a monumental amount of potential and the team at OnePlus is equally excited about the prospect of dabbling with a game-changing fan experience. For the first ever time in the history of product launches across the globe, they would be unveiling their latest flagship device, the OnePlus 2, completely in VR.

What do you get on joining the fold with a OnePlus Cardboard?
This is not just a product; it's an initiative. The team believes that there will come a day in which we will be able to travel the world and immerse ourselves in amazing things without ever leaving the comfort of our homes. OnePlus Cardboard exists to drive this idea forward. To make sure all of you back home have a ringside seat to the presentation of our latest device and to have some fun on the virtual side, the OnePlus Cardboard brings across an immersive VR adventure in a fun and affordable way.

What is new about the OnePlus Cardboard?
The OnePlus Cardboard meets the latest norms and specs that were unveiled at Google I/O this year. In addition to the Cardboard 2.0 features, they have made a few more improvements.

– Durable, not Disposable
Compared to other  variations out there, our Cardboard uses a stronger, thicker material and added high-quality velcro for maximum durability.

– Compact without Compromise
Optics have been fine-tuned to deliver the same amazing visual experience in a package that is 20% smaller. Designed to perfectly hug the OnePlus One, the Cardboard is compatible with most devices up to 6" in size.

– Clean and Crisp
Every inch of OnePlus Cardboard has been coated with a special film that repels dirt and oils, creating a premium feel that lasts. Avoid the dreaded "forehead stain." You've never seen cardboard quite like this. And last of all, it's still about VR for everyone. With the OnePlus Cardboard and any smartphone in tow, one can also explore a variety of applications that unfold all around you. Visit new places, play immersive games, fly through space and much more with the variety of apps available on the Google Store.

How do we obtain one?
There are two ways the fans in India to get their hands on the OnePlus Cardboard:
1. Sign Up & Participate
They are giving away a plethora of headsets to our fans for free and shipping is on the house! To win, simply sign up with this form, OnePlus Cardboard Giveaway, and the winners will be chosen at random. The contest closes on July 3, so act fast! Keep your keen eyes on the lookout for the announcement on our social media channels as well. The contest winners will be contacted by us post the draw.
2. Buy it on Amazon India
The OnePlus Cardboards will go on sale from the third week of July at a super price of Rs. 99 (shipping terms will be as per standard Amazon India policy). The exact sale date on the platform will be communicated to all our fans on our social media channels soon.

One Last Thing…
Vikas last week in his weekly update encouraged our fans to guess the launch price of the OnePlus Cardboard in India. The winner will be announced on the weekly update post this Saturday. Stay tuned and let the VR experience begin! Never Settle.