Monday, July 13, 2015

Teewe 2 - Review

I have been using the latest iteration of Teewe known as Teewe 2 since some time now. The device has proven to be extremely handy and meets the major expectations that one would expect out of a device that is supposed to be used solely for streaming purposes at home or office. Featuring a solid build, the device is an iterative improvement over the previous version that was released about a year back. The device now feels much more robust and better to look at. While devices like these are generally expected to be hooked to the back of the TV and forgotten, it is important to ensure that the device stands out when compared to the competition. Mango Man has done just that. The device now is much more compact and exhumes a premium feel while holding in the hand. Mango Man has also reduced the amount of power that the device consumes and ensured that this can work without really having a need to connect to an external charging device. The device can hook up to your TV’s USB Port using the cable provided in the box. The setup process for the device has also been simplified and it connects to the WiFi network with ease. Connecting devices on the same WiFi network with the Teewe 2 Device is even easier and can actually be considered a breeze. Whole in whole, the device features several improvements over the previous iteration and is a recommended accessory at every home.


  1. Easy to Setup.
  2. Compact in Design.
  3. Supports major formats in Bundled Application.
  4. Allows multiple devices to connect and control the play list queue.
  5. Allows to set up the home PC as a Network accessed Storage device by giving the option to set directories to be monitored.
  6. Available as an Android, iOS and Windows app. Also available as a chrome plugin that allows you to stream YouTube videos only.


  1. There is a plugin available only for Chrome and not other browsers. This was told to be a strategic decision.
  2. The plugin allows to stream only videos from YouTube but not other Video sharing sites.
  3. The device when received did not allow extended hours of usage causing the device to reboot again and again after more than 2-3 hours of continuous usage, however, an update has fixed this issue.
  4. The device does not support miracast format which could be a decider for many in case they are looking at something equivalent to Chromecast.

The device is excellent for a family or group of friends who would like to share and show photographs and videos on a large screen. The device comes bundled with an offer from Airtel and Eros which give you 10GB of extra data as well as a year of movie subscription respectively.