Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Money View introduces new 'Budget Management' feature

Bangalore, India; August 14, 2015: Money View – an android app that empowers its users to take informed decisions to be financially fit – has yet again added an interesting feature that will help one to remain within budget and save more!

The feature called Budget Management, allows users to set monthly budgets and track 'available to spend' cash based on the set goal.  To make it user-friendly, this feature has been designed as a quick-to-comprehend graphical representation of how much more they can safely spend; which in turn desists Money View users from overspending and be credit free.

Additionally, the Money View app has an expense tracker that gives the user multiple categories of spends which is also represented by icons for ease of use, to show where the money is being spent. With another inherent feature that flags impending bill payments, Money View ensures that its users get a holistic outlook of their finances month on month and are empowered to stay on top of their funds with minimal effort. 

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