Tuesday, August 18, 2015

With TagSearch, Woo launches the internet of People

Woo, India’s No 1 matchmaking App has announced a first-of-its-kind feature called, TagSearch a whole new way to discover people whose minds tick exactly like theirs and who have something in common with them. Through this users can also dictate their paths by having absolute control over whom they see. This feature is one of the biggest innovations in the app platform.

What is TagSearch?
TagSearch puts the power in the hands of the user to determine what kind of profiles they see. TagSearch gives the users an opportunity to search according to the interest that matters more to them. Through this, Woo helps the users to discover each other based on interests, passions, fascinations most intrinsic to them – be it astronomy, literature or Taylor Swift. ‘TagSearch brings a fundamental disruption in the way social discovery happens on apps till now. The feature turns the entire user base into the Internet of People, which can be browsed as simply as how we use hyperlinks to browse the Internet.
Why TagSearch?

For users between 25-35 years of age, the road to meeting that special someone, especially in a culturally complex landscape like India, is quite tricky. While old-school matrimonial websites fail to appeal to the attitude of the young, casual dating sites and apps, on the other hand, provide a very superficial experience with an arbitrary set of profiles every time they log in, leaving the user with no control on who they see.
To counter this problem, Woo has launched a first-of-its-kind feature called TagSearch. TagSearch allows users to view profiles based on attributes – whether that is the town they grew up in, the college they went to, their political leaning or their favorite author – each of these acts as a hyperlink for users to discover others who are shares similar interest to them. So that user can discover their kind of match in the vast internet of people. TagSearch puts the power in the hands of the user to determine what kind of profiles they see.