Sunday, August 7, 2016

LeEco Le2 User Review

Several reviews have been written about this phone from the time that it was released by several bloggers and tech reviewers alike. Each one talks about how the phone performs in the hand of a tech user. However, the average plain Joe user is just that. A lay man. He is not interested in how well the phone performs in the battery tests or how the phone behaves when it is subjected to extreme stress. An average user is more concerned about how the phone behaves when it is loaded with limited set of apps. How long the battery lasts when he kills time playing Pokemon Go or any such game while he waits for someone or is just looking for some fun. Or how well the phone performs when he decides to have music streaming on Wynk while he browses Facebook or engages in that marathon Whatsapp session with his friends.

Mandatory Specs:

  1. Big Screen (5.5 Inches)
  2. Lots of Memory to store your pics and Whatsapp Images (32 GB) but sadly, you cannot expand it.
  3. It supports Dual SIM (no it is not hybrid and yes, it is Nano SIM), both with 4G support.
  4. 3 GB of RAM (This makes it blazing fast).
  5. Has no 3.5mm jack but gives you an adapter to use your fave headphones nonetheless.
  6. USB Type C slot (This is new and will soon be the standard, replacing all microUSB cables that you have at home).
  7. The processor does not matter; it manages to keep the phone blazing fast without getting hot. That is all that really matters. If you still want to know, it runs on Snapdragon 652 Octacore processor. 
  8. 16 MP Rear and 8 MP front camera that allows those great pictures when you are out on a picnic or excellent selfies when you are out with your friends.
  9. Fingerprint recognition for that keep my data safe moments! That includes an App Lock as well so that your gallery can be locked and your BAE’s pics hidden safely away when you give the phone to someone to use.
  10. Quick Charge that comes courtesy the SnapDragon processor. Running out of the home in 15 mins and battery is without charge? No problem. Quick Charge would push your battery to last you around 6 hours on a 10 min charge. Keep your data off though, that will drain the battery out faster.


I had given the phone to my wife to use for the period that it was with me. I wanted to know what a non-technical regular layman user thought about it. She has the standard set of apps that most of them have. A few games, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, some taxi apps, some shopping apps, 2 mapping apps, Dropbox, skype and may be a few more. Exactly what a typical user would have. Her earlier phone was a Moto G, so she was used to the stock Android feel. Le 2 comes with LeUI that has been skinned to sit on Android Marshmallow. The skinning steers away from stock Android Experience and introduces several new features that are totally different. No more swipe down to access your setting tiles to quickly toggle your Wi-Fi or data. In its place instead would come only the notifications. Clicking the app switcher button brings up the list of recent apps and your quick settings. Similarly, no more display all contacts saved in your Google account. It displays a list that it curates on its own. Multiple clicks later you can finally see that elusive contact of yours that you were looking for.
Changes aside, the phone is fast and lasts almost 2 days on a single charge. Play Pokemon Go and it drops to 1.5 days. The supports all India 4G LTE bands and offers excellent speeds without any issues. I faced no network or call quality issues while I was using this phone. In case you are planning to use Reliance Jio, the phone supports VoLTE that would allow you to make calls on the LTE network and not fall back to 3G or 2G networks. This would mean that the other party and you would get to experience call quality in HD like clarity.
I have never been a big fan of Stock Launchers and generally resort to either Google Now or Nova Launcher. The reason has been that stock launchers have all gone the Apple way and have done away with the concept of App Drawer completely. I feel that this clutters up my desktop which I prefer to customize while keeping a majority of my apps hidden away safely inside the app drawer.
All in all, the phone is excellent in terms of battery and usability and would definitely succeed to keep its master happy. Just like a well-trained Pokemon! ;-)